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Crimpers and Decrimpers

Electronic Crimpers and De-Crimpers

Attach and remove seals from 11 and 20mm crimp top vials

Sun-SRi Electronic Crimpers

Sun-SRi Electronic Crimpers

SUN-SRi offers hand held electronic crimpers for crimping or removal of aluminum seals on 11mm and 20mm vials. The crimper is a hand held device which allows aluminum seals to be firmly attached to the vial while it remains in most sample trays with the touch of a button. A separate de-crimper allows for the removal of the seal just as easily. The instruments have an adjustment for septa of varying thicknesses. Power is supplied by Black and Decker’s Versa-Pak rechargeable NiMH battery modules. A wall plug charger is included with the instrument.

SUN-SRi Electronic Crimpers & De-Crimpers Feature:

  • Securely crimps 11 and 20mm vials with minimal effort
  • Quick and easy removal of aluminum seals with the push of a button
  • Uses Versa-Pak® Rechargable “snap in” NiMH Battery Packs
  • Push button operation
  • Crimps vials without removal from many vial trays
  • Adjustable crimp settings for compatibility with most vial/septum/seal combinations
  • Ergonomic Design easily operated with one hand eliminating wrist strain
  • Crimp force sensing automatically determines when a proper seal has been formed and opens the jaws to release the vial

Electronic Crimpers and De-Crimpers Function Chart

Cat. No. Description Function
350 246 11 mm Electronic Crimper Crimps Aluminum Seals onto 11mm vials
350 442 11 mm Electronic De-Crimper Removes Aluminum Seals from 11mm Vials
350 972 20mm Electronic Crimper Crimps Aluminum Seals onto 20mm Vials
350 446 20mm Electronic De-Crimper Removes Aluminum Seals from 20mm Vials
350 000 Versa-Pak Gold Rechargeable
NiMH Battery Module
Spare Battery (1 included with unit)
for units purchased prior to 2009

350 906 Lithium Battery Spare battery (for newer units)

Crimpmate™ Benchtop Crimper

Crimpmate™ Benchtop Crimper

Crimpmate™ Benchtop Crimper

  • A complete workstation which assembles in just minutes
  • Four jaw sizes available for crimping and decrimping
  • Jaws can be changed in as little as 6 seconds
  • Unique lever action creates a perfect seal with little effort
  • Small footprint saves bench space

Crimpers, Decrimpers and Decapping Pliers

  • High quality construction for durability and long life
  • Painted, plated and coated for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Textured handle surface provides an assured grip
  • Adjustable stop accommodates a wide range of cap thicknesses for optimal sealing performance
  • Decapping pliers are made of stainless steel with precision machined jaws

The correctly crimped vial is neither over-crimped or under-crimped. Over-crimping may cause coring and needle bending, while under-crimping can cause evaporation problems. With proper adjustment of the crimpers and jaws of the Crimpmate, perfect crimping can be achieved every time.

Ordering Guide: Crimpmate

Item DescriptionQtyCat. No.QtyPrice Each
Crimpmate, 11mm Decapping Jaw, CDJ-11EA 502 238 $347.00
Crimpmate, 11mm Crimping Jaw, CMJ-11EA 502 264 $384.00
Crimpmate, 13mm Crimping Jaw, CMJ-13EA 502 265 $401.00
Crimpmate, 20mm Crimping Jaw, CMJ-20EA 502 266 $347.00
Crimpmate, 8mm Crimping Jaw, CMJ-8EA 502 267 $432.00
Crimpmate, Base Unit, Without Jaws, CMS-0EA 502 268 $1,225.00
Crimpmate, Autocrimp Pneumatic Work Station, Without Jaws, CMSP-0EA 502 272 $2,390.85
Crimpmate, 8mm Decapping Jaw, CDJ-8EA 502 359 $364.35

Ordering Guide: Manual Crimpers, Decrimpers and Decapping Pliers

Item DescriptionQtyCat. No.QtyPrice Each
Crimper, Manual, 11mmEA 200 246 $223.35
Decapping Plliers, 11MMEA 200 248 $67.15
Crimper, Manual, 13mmEA 200 488 $277.54
Crimper, Manual, 20mmEA 200 972 $222.50
Decapping Pliers, 20mmEA 200 974 $79.00
Crimper, Manual, 8mmEA 201 892 $275.84
Decrimper, Manual, 8mmEA 500 440 $282.00
Decrimper, Manual, 11mmEA 500 442 $309.55
Decrimper, Manual, 13mmEA 500 444 $304.02
Decrimper, Manual, 20mmEA 500 446 $223.35

Ordering Guide: Pipettors

Item DescriptionQtyCat. No.QtyPrice Each
Multipipettor, 8-Channel, 1.0-10uLEA 305 001 $648.09
Multipipettor, 8-Channel, 5-50uLEA 305 002 $599.16
Multipipettor, 8-Channel, 20-200 uLEA 305 003 $648.09
Multipipettor, 12-Channel, 5-50 uLEA 305 004 $721.70
Multipipettor, 12-Channel, 2-200 uLEA 305 005 $780.64
Multipipettor, 12-Channel, 50-300 uLEA 305 006 $721.70