Autosampler Vials and Accessories

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12 mm autosampler vials and inserts for microsampling.

For microsampling find almost any design, volume requirement or material required for your application. SUN SRI offers a complete selection of autosampler vials and limited volume inserts for use when smaller samples are necessary. Or utilize a microvial for sample evaporation and reconstitution without having to use multiple sample containers. Select from clear or amber glass, polypropylene, polystyrene, TPX®* and PTFE. Virtually a container for any sample! Our variety of sizes and closure requirements ensures that there is a solution to meet your instrumentation requirements.

Limited volume inserts are economical when compared to loss of expensive samples. Select from very economical flat bottom inserts to precision designed mandrel bottom inserts that almost eliminate sample waste. Our catalog conveniently places limited volume inserts with the appropriate vials to ensure proper fit and use.

*TPX is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and is used under license.


12 mm StepVials.

SUN SRI offers the uniquely designed StepVials providing assurance that properly seated inserts will reduce the chance of needle damage. StepVials eliminate the need for insert alignment with the use of springs while offering the convenience of a standard autosampler vial. StepVials have a standard 12x32mm profile and 1.5mL nominal volume with wider openings for easier sample preparation. The vials are available in snap cap / crimp top finish or 9mm screw thread finish for compatibility with robotic arm autosamplers. A complete selection of limited volume inserts, liners and closures are available making StepVials an easy choice for sample analysis.