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An enhanced range of life science products are available from SUN SRi. You will find the best selection of resealable closures for 96-well and 384-well microplates in the WebSeal and MicroMat product lines. These closures are specifically designed to provide minimal sample evaporation during storage and analysis, prevention of cross-contamination of samples from well to well while offering an inert surface when needed for harsh solvents.

Select from a full line of microplates including standard polypropylene microplates with or without conveniently pre-assembled glass inserts, Plate+ glass-coated microplates, and polystyrene microplates for luminescence and fluorescence.

For sample concentration the UltraVap is the most efficient use of time and resources. This easy-to-use unit consumes minimal space in the lab while speeding the process of sample preparation. The Ultravap has programmable settings to accommodate multiple applications requirements.

For WebSeal technical specifications and compatibility charts you can download the available document: WebSeal Charts.pdf (153kb Acrobat® File).