Autosampler Vials and Accessories

StepVial Crimp/Snap Vial System

StepVial Crimp/Snap Vial System

StepVials for use with snap caps
or aluminum seals. Cat. no. 501-302 & 501-300

StepVial Crimp/Snap Vial System

Compatible with: Autosamplers from:

Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu, Varian, Perkin Elmer, Beckman, and Leap

  • StepVials have a standard 12x32mm profile and are compatible with convenient 11mm snap cap or aluminum seal closures
  • The “Step” design ensures proper centering of limited volume inserts, eliminating missed injections
  • StepVials have a 40% larger opening than standard aluminum seal vials for easier sample filling and to reduce the chance of bent or broken needles during sampling
  • Manufactured of Clear, Type 1 Class A or Amber, Type 1 Class B, borosilicate glass
  • StepVials have a standard graduated write-on patch for easy filling and identification
  • Snap caps used with the StepVial system are a convenient alternative to aluminum seals
  • Snap caps or aluminum seals ensure a secure seal for samples
  • For closure selections please see Snap Caps or Aluminum Seals.

Ordering Guide: Crimp/Snap Cap Vials

Item DescriptionQtyCat. No.QtyPrice Each
Vial, Crimp/Snap, 12x32, 250 uL, PP, Mandrel1000/CS 200 046 $198.45
Vial, Crimp/Snap, 12x32, 250 uL, PP, Mandrel100/PK 200 050 $22.85
Vial, Crimp/Snap, 12x32, 250uL, TPX w/glass insert100/PK 200 052 $192.00
Vial, Crimp/Snap, 12x32, 300uL, PP, Conical1000/CS 500 102 $198.45
Vial, Crimp/Snap, 12x32, 300uL, PP, Conical100/PK 500 106 $23.17
Vial, Crimp/Snap, 12x32, 500uL, PP, Tapered1000/CS 500 108 $199.70
Vial, Crimp/Snap, 12x32, 250uL, PP w/glass insert100/PK 500 212 $238.14
Vial, Crimp/Snap, 12x32, 1.5mL, Clear Glass100/PK 501 300 $18.19
Vial, Crimp/Snap, 12x32, 1.5mL, Amber Glass100/PK 501 302 $22.24
Vial, Crimp/Snap, 12x32, 1.5mL, Clear Glass, Silanized100/PK 501 303 $49.40
Vial, Crimp/Snap, 12x32, 750uL, PP, MaxVial100/PK 501 308 $24.02