Sample Preparation




Microsample, centrifuge filters for rapid particulate removal.

  • Filter multiple samples simultaneously.
  • Low extractable device with maximum sample recoveries.
  • Compatible with a wide range of aqueous and organic based environments.

Titan MSF microsample filters permit rapid removal of particulates with minimized sample retention (5µL) for efficient sample prep prior to analytical techniques. Using a microcentrifuge, the Titan MSF can process volumes from 200µL to 750µL. The unit is ideal for viscous, colloidal or high solids samples. Units include sample chamber and receiver tube and will fit rotors
that accept 1.5 to 2.0mL tubes.


Membrane: HPLC Certified
Nylon & PTFE
Max. Operating RDF: 10,000 x g
Housing: Medical Grade,
Virgin Polypropylene
Dimensions: 44.7mm
(fully assembled w/cap)
Retention Volume: <5µL Max Operating Temp: 80°C

Ordering Guide: Titan-MSF™

Item DescriptionQtyCat. No.QtyPrice Each
Titan-MSF Centrifuge Filter, Nylon, 0.20um100/PK 62215-NN $141.00
Titan-MSF Centrifuge Filter, PTFE, 0.20um100/PK 62215-NP $472.00
Titan-MSF Centrifuge Filter, Nylon 0.45UM100/PK 64515-NN $137.00
Titan-MSF Centrifuge Filter, PTFE, 0.45um100/PK 64515-NP $400.00