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UV Detector Kit

UV Detector Performance Kit

UV Detector Performance Validation Kit

UV Detector Performance Validation Kit

  • Save costly technician calibration visits with this “do-it-yourself” kit to confirm detector precision, accuracy and linearity in less than 30 minutes
  • NIST traceable standards meet GLP, USP and ASTM (1657-94 and 925-83) specifications
  • Kit comes complete with UV detector connector, Microsoft® Excel and Lotus reporting template, syringes and certificate of NIST traceability

Kit Specifications

Each Wavelength and Absorbance kit contains the following:

  • Eight Absorbance Solutions (potassium dichromate, between 0.01 and 0.02mg/mL, 30mL). Concentration certified to 4 significant figures
  • One Wavelength Calibration Solution (4% holmium oxide in 10% perchloric acid solution, 30mL)
  • One Absorbance Reference Solution (10% perchloric acid, 60mL)
  • Eight 3mL Syringes and HPLC detector connection kit
  • Microsoft Excel template disk
  • Certificate of Analysis

Ordering Guide: UV Detector Performance Kit

Item DescriptionQtyCat. No.QtyPrice Each
Calibration Kit, Wavelength & AbsorbanceEA 09001-S $892.50
Absorbance Solution #1EA 09002-S $88.17
Absorbance Solution #2EA 09003-S $88.17
Absorbance Solution #3EA 09004-S $88.17
Absorbance Solution #4EA 09005-S $88.17
Absorbance Solution #5EA 09006-S $88.17
Absorbance Solution #6EA 09007-S $88.17
Absorbance Solution #7EA 09008-S $88.17
Absorbance Solution #8EA 09009-S $88.17
Absorbance Reference Solution, 60 mLEA 09010-S $88.17
Wavelength Calibration Solution, 30 mLEA 09011-S $139.00
Absorbance Solutions # 1 - 8, 30 mLEA 09013-S $609.87